virtual Screens

“I wanted to create this video as a journey into memories,” says Ilze Kalve. “The material was filmed in Riga, but the city was designed at night with the help of 3D graphics. In the video on the big virtual screens, I tried to show my journey. ”

The 3D graphics author of the video for the song “Million Dreams” is Chris Mekalfe, who worked on this work for about six months, it took so long to create the original 3D models shown in the clip. In addition to the song’s performer Ilze Kalve, the video also shows her sixteen-year-old daughter Agija and her friends.

The song “Million Dreams” created by Ilze Kalve was originally written in English under the title “Boulevards of My Dreams” and the author of the lyrics is Roger Anthony Carter. Representatives of a world pop star have already shown interest in the English version of the song, and talks are currently underway about possible collaboration with Latvian author Ilze Kalvi.

It should be reminded that Ilze Kalve is one of the few Latvian authors, arrangers and record producers with whom world-class pop stars collaborate. In the remix album of Amanda Līra, released last year, 6 compositions were created by Kalve. Thanks to the successful collaboration, Ilze is currently working on new songs for the legendary diva Amanda Lira. In February, a remix by Ilze Kalve for the song “They Say It’s Gonna Rain” by the popular singer Heizela Dīna was released in Great Britain.