Christian Prophets

At the same time, it is self-evident that one of the most famous and frequently quoted Christian prophets, Solomon, was a polygamy. Moreover, this institute of marriage arose – in the families of Old Testament patriarchs or Native American tribes, in early medieval Arabia, and temporarily in the German states completely slaughtered during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) – not to satisfy “male chauvinism” or “sexual neglect.” In harsh times, men took responsibility for the widows and orphans of deceased brothers or comrades, for their brides and unmarried women, who had the right to have a family and children. Polygamy (polygamy / pluralism) continues to play an important social function, especially in the context of ‘male deficit’ or ‘female deficit’ elsewhere: to allow children to be cherished and raised in virtue by their mother and father.

Today, we talk a lot in society about tolerance for homosexuals, emphasizing that a difference in sexual desire is not extraordinary and is even a logical part of nature. Because humans are by no means the only living creatures on earth who also have homosexual relationships. We talk very little about asexual people who are not interested in sex and their drive to continue their family is underdeveloped. Maybe we’re just laughing when we read in a newspaper that in France, a wife has tried compensation of 10 thousand euros from her husband, who did not sexually satisfy her during marriage.