Magonis Darkly

Others argue that Magonis darkly married Anastasia in part to further improve relations with the management of the Russian Railways, which benefited both his private business and the Latvian transit industry. It is rumored that Anastasia, whose maiden name was Bakuulina, is no more and no less than a relative of the head of the Russian Railways, close to President Vladimir Putin, or even an illegitimate daughter. There is a version that this story about itself was spread by Anastasia herself, when she was still “hoping” with Ugi Magoni. It was Anastasia who encouraged Magoni to celebrate her 50th birthday at Rundāle Castle with a scale worthy of the Russian tsars. It is known that Yakunin, who is included in the US “black list”, also came to this birthday, and it can be considered the beginning of Magon’s misfortune, because he aroused the anger of special services.