Animal Kingdom

It should be emphasized once again that the production of articles is an adaptogen of the animal kingdom, the
consumption of which guarantees the restoration of physiological functions in the human body. The
use of adaptogens in the diet, unlike stimulants, does not lead to the
depletion of energy sources .


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Reindeer verses and the healing power of nature

Reindeer – a symbol of healing and a sledge puller? In our imagination, the reindeer is a noble carrier of joy, which on Christmas Eve is able to lift the sleigh full of presents with the power of magic and, flying at high speed over the dormant world, is Santa’s greatest helper. As it turns out, the magic lies not only in the reindeer as a Christmas image or a symbol of the healing of ancient peoples, but also in himself, as a real inhabitant of the earth on four legs, a stately gait and large branched horns on his head.