Whole Escort

So the whole circus column drove back to Riga. The prime minister’s car – the driver, the bodyguard, they’re both in the back seat, then the whole escort, then the girl’s father with his car – a man really thought he could make a difference if this crazy thing happened – and then another one of ours. a machine that “looked after” his father.

But no, it wasn’t. Einars himself wanted to be behind the wheel, which no one was happy about, especially the security guards, who know well how Einars can go crazy if he wants to show up in front of someone. But somehow we met Riga with a helper, and then new miracles began.

The girl had realized that she was going to the movies, but Einar, of course, had her own small, common plans – no, she had to look at Malholand’s path , which he had already found out was the girl’s favorite movie. So the whole circus went to his house – at that time he had such a thorough apartment, I no longer remember whether he owned or how.