Naive Donor

Quite logically written06.01.2015 09:47It is not beautiful that the facts of dazhaadi were concealed, as well as the biscuit. Not to donate money to someone, but it looks like a naive donor is being beaten.
Vienkaarshi everywhere there are small njesastikovichkas, which let loud dazhaadaam rumors and fantasies.
If the family returns, then the UK address is still relevant; kaa may be that the guy is lying slimniicaa 6 meeneshus (kaa claimed tv), if the quote is written about mine in july, when the boy at omes Lv left bad. Tut pomnju, tut nepomnju?
The peculiarity with what aarsteeshana is, which no one in Europe wants / knows to do, but the only option in the United States, where, as it is more evident, no such experience and no aarsteeshana has actually taken place?

If you find out that 1.5 months will be spent in the United States, who needs the money, but not all is done?
The voyage sleepshana, although when it came to donating, the info was on all sides (except for the place to live, the fortress, etc.); kaapeec maaminja peec money entry account socportaalaa citee Shanele and Grende’s favorite quote, a?

WHAT was it all about? Was there a trip to the US at all, or did something happen at all?