Slander Magoni

Enterprising and diligent people have found Magone’s husband on social networks and are in a hurry to discover various unflattering details of the past. One of them is the former partner of Magone and the father of the common son Ventis Vītols, who allegedly pretends to be the new husband’s friend and tries to slander Magoni in every way. Mrs. Burka herself says: “Well, you can’t eat that toad Vītoltētiņš!” This is how the Poppy herself, who wants to announce to all the scoundrels and the wicked, so that she will always feel at peace. Zana herself told reporters that no details of the past will change anything, because she loves Magoni for today, not for her past. He is aware of his wife’s past and relationship with Venti, but now he is helping to raise their son.