Chic Wedding

Farewell to the tragically deceased Liepaja Theater actor Uldis Stelmakers will take place on Saturday, August 16, at 3 pm in Liepāja Central Cemetery.

Inese Jurjāne was born on August 23, 1964 and was the staff actress of Liepāja Theater. She entered the Liepāja Theater after completing a course led by Oļģerts Kroders at the Conservatory Theater Faculty in 1986. Among the most significant roles of Jurjāne, Liepāja Theater mentions Mellija from “The Winds With”, Antonija from “Skroderdienām Silmači”, Solveiga from “Pērs Gints”, Bella from “Other White Shirts” and Linda from the production “Zilā”.

Jurjane’s 50th anniversary performance was soon planned at the Liepāja Theater – she would have played the role of Daphne in the production of the young actors “Chic Wedding“.