Vana Approached

On the day of his disappearance, it often rained (according to the locals), i. he was damp, and he was cold all the time.

A grandmother who lives 300 meters from where she was found told for an hour and a half with tears in her eyes that the inhabitants of Dubeņi slandered her and invented that she had heard, but did not go, the dogs scared the child. Dogs can’t smell a child from a forest 300 meters away … unfortunately … one of the dogs doesn’t love children and barks at them, doesn’t attack, just doesn’t like neighbors who come sometimes. The owner teaches the dogs (it is a sheepdog), the dog is obedient, does not go on the road, and the owner always checks what it is barking at, the dogs are locked in the aviary at night because there are no barriers. If Vana approached and knocked on the window, I didn’t believe she wouldn’t help.