Business Colleague

– How did it happen?

– We had agreed with another business colleague that he would be taken to Straupe, but Inese Gūtmane was already waiting for him in the car, he was taken to the narcology center and from there he was “taken out”, or rather, he escaped, he still receives letters from there. Well he has started a new and beautiful life …

– Okay, let’s talk good. When Andris was still with you, what did he mean to you?

– I met Andris in the first year of study, with the help of a collective farm. We saw. We went for a walk, we talked a lot. He told me all his sorrows, his worries about his mother’s fate. After the help of the collective farm in the autumn, November, Andris came to me. A year later we got married. Of course, neither I nor he – we did not think. There was practically no money, only two scholarships.