Sandra Weinberg

In turn, she lives in a civil marriage with a doctor under the age of 30, who is abnormally hidden from everyone – read more here

All of the above accusations are heard in the domestic and foreign media – very often in the form of ridicule and severe irony.

“Can a millionaire without teeth and a spiritual beggar really be the president of Latvia?” – asks journalist Sandra Weinberg in the Swedish press.

Publicist Lato Lapsa, who has been writing a book about this subject for a week, is even more ironic: “Do you really think that Latvia needs one educated, intellectual, public-speaking person with a posture and normal teeth in his mouth, as everyone here says?”

And what do you think?

By the way, several readers of have informed that another daughter Bērziņš is from cohabitation or a relationship with a lawyer currently practicing individually. It is enough for this lawyer to state that he is not ready to provide any comments on this topic yet …