Andris is exhibited in various magazines with beautiful love pictures, where you can see how he feeds his muse Inese from a spoon. Did he treat you the same way? Well, in the best of times, let’s say so.

– Yes. But such “softness” is his acting nature. Similar pictures were ever with me in my private life. His acting talent is immeasurable. But when I watched the show about Henry VIII and his six wives, I noticed that he loves all his wives somehow … equally. It seems that when he is with Inese and appears in magazines, he plays another role. And yet I only have two questions: why does he not want to be contacted and why does the ex-wife have to be put down so terribly – what is the purpose of that? If he thinks about the court with it, then he is wrong, the opposite happens. And yet – why did it have to drive former colleagues around the corner by tearing down performances? How many times has Andris asked for forgiveness for his behavior – I wonder how it can all be forgotten?