Česlavs also cannot remain indifferent to the love of his youth. Cynthia has serious plans in the hotel – will she be able to realize them ?! Meet Vanda’s mother on April 19 at 15:15 or in the evening at 20:20 in the series UgunsGreks TV3 Peterson hotel. And watch the series on the portal at any time convenient for you.

Woman with business seizures

Cynthia Saulite, played by Latvian National Theater actress Evija Skulte, will arrive at the Peterson Hotel on April 19. The beautiful lady is Vanda’s 40-year-old mother, who has been married but is now divorced. Cynthia is a real estate broker, an energetic and active woman with a business cramp. Thanks to long-term contacts with rich clients, she has learned to leave the impression of a materially well-off woman.