Human Subconscious

Why are we afraid, ashamed to talk about the fact that not only lions and sea lions, but also humans are polygamous? There are religions (and they are a kind of public consciousness) that try not to break the eternal instincts of the human subconscious, but help them to build a harmonious society – given that people are and want to be polygamous. Such a family model has been successfully implemented by Islam, by many peoples in Africa, and at the same time by Christianity from the heart, as well as by fundamentalists of Mormonism *, one of the branches of Christianity. Of course, polygamy is not a panacea for all the problems of family life, parenting and demography. Even less would it be necessary to introduce it as a mandatory general practice of “people’s reproduction”. But why deny “strangeness” if it allows children to be loved by their real mother and real father?