Former Captain

However, when “VZ” contacted the former captain of Riga “Dinamo” to find out what relationship he has with the new satellite Samantas Priedīte, Ozoliņš refrained from commenting. “VZ” found out that the hockey player’s girlfriend is an employee of the bank, who in her free time is involved in various photo projects as a model. Recently, her portrait adorned a coffee advertising campaign.

At the beginning of October, VZ met Ozolina at a charity party while relaxing with the artist Gundegs Dūdums. That night, the former hockey player took care of the well-being of his evening companion. They both took part in a charity auction, laughed and flirted. However, after the joint entertainment at the ball, they did not confirm the fact that there was a sympathy or romantic relationship between Ozolina and Dūduma.