Latvijas Dzelzcels

Will it survive prison life?

Evil tongues lie that Uģis, who is accustomed to an expensive way of life, comfort and worship of others, will not endure prison life for a long time and will break. His wife, Anastasia, a 30-year-old Russian citizen, has not been able to meet her husband since her arrest, to look up and support Uģis on Sunday, hiding behind black sunglasses, waiting behind the court door when she decided to detain the president of Latvijas dzelzceļš.

It was like a blow to the forehead for many. His closest people were convinced that the president of Latvijas dzelzceļš had been “overthrown” by the time he became aware of the half-million found and that he had tried to make a mess at the time of his arrest. he was overthrown, and the amount was a hundred times smaller.