Vanda’s Mother

Vanda’s mother‘s biography

Looking back on Cynthia’s past, it is important to tell about her daughter and child’s father. Cynthia met Česlav during his marriage to Egon. She became pregnant from Czeslaw, but pretended to be her husband’s child and did not tell Czeslaw anything about her future child. When Vanda was 17, the two parents had a serious argument one day, and Vanda’s mother said in the heat of the argument that Vanda was not Egon’s daughter. The man left Cynthia and went to work in England. Cynthia regretted what she had done and hurried after her husband, but left a small amount of money for her daughter and told her where to look for her real father, Česlava. Every fan of the series Fire-Sin remembers the next events – Vanda arrived at the hotel with her father, whose existence she had not known before. And now, after six months, Cynthia arrives at the hotel.