True Life Magazine

– Yeast, which he says in his 2006 interview with True Life magazine: “No, no one can explain why we have been with Lenvie for so many years. It’s starred. In fact, there is nothing strange there. And I’ll tell you why, first of all, and thank God it’s a non-verbal compatibility. ” It turns out that compatibility tends to smoke somewhere. Now Andris claims in another magazine that you are claiming alimony from him for 170 euros. It is?

– Yes it is so. But the amount is negotiable. However, Andris does not contact me, his lawyer or many friends. His phone is simply under the supervision of Inese Gūtmane, and he talks through him. The last time I met Andris was on December 21 last year – he was very much looking forward to the end of the world at that time. He brought me a lap with briquettes, candles – a whole pile, because – all this will be needed. I have tried to write him letters to the theater so that they will be handed over to him at the guard to return to him the things left here, including the documents, but nothing. Neither news nor memories.