Internal Problems

Composer Kārlis Lācis responded to Daneviča’s recording by asking: “Will Inita accept and dismiss the actors now?” This question remained unanswered, and shortly before midnight, the record itself disappeared from “Twitter”. Daneviča herself avoided the comments by first asking “VZ” to call back, but later not picking up the phone. In turn, my colleague Inita Dzelme limited herself to one sentence. “I understand your question. These are our inner things. Thank you, there will be no comments, “Dzelme said in a telephone conversation with” VZ “. Liene Jakovleva, the theatre’s public relations specialist, did not comment on this conflict and Daneviča’s possible departure from the theater (or, more precisely, “leaving” it): “Currently, the theater has no official comments. I can’t explain anything in detail. “