Stamped Envelope

Santa Claus Ainārs has also participated in the traditional Santa Claus race around the Old Town for many years, as well as visited England on New Year’s Eve and entertained our compatriots at the New Year’s Eve party.

Ainārs visits children in kindergartens and schools every year, has led Christmas concerts in his costume, has been brought to the event by the Bank of Latvia employees in an armored car, congratulated NAF soldiers who have returned from international peacekeeping missions, communicated with customers in supermarkets, even as a Santa Claus where in the cold and on the island the children of the orphanage have welcomed him with joy unbelieving with their own eyes, that Santa Claus himself has come out of the air ……….. and of course also every year home visits, where a lot is sung when giving presents to everyone and joked about not …….. Believe it or not, BUT THE TIME OF MIRACLES COMES EVERY YEAR AT CHRISTMAS TOGETHER WITH CHRISTMAS!
New technologies also make Santa Claus more modern …

In an interview with the portal, Ashaks says that the emergence of mobile communications and the Internet in the world and in Latvia has also greatly facilitated the end-of-year activities of Santa Claus. If in the past we were supposedly tied to the wires of communication devices, now it is much easier – take out of your pocket and calls by mobile. If you used to have to look for a stamped envelope and go to the mail, now connect to the computer and send an e-mail or photo to the other side of the world immediately after clicking. In addition, you can also communicate with children via a computer via a tape, through which we can not only talk, but also see each other via a camera as a live television.