Tattered Posture

The golden costume and the director’s task to appear on the stage from the background make very big claims, because it highlights the course and skills of wearing the costume. This aspect was also unsuccessful, as it highlighted the current defects of Stafecka’s height and gait: crooked back, lumps of fat and round slender arms, uncollected belly, tattered posture, sweeping big steps and flashy fluttering of the dress with her feet. Let’s remember that a gold dress always requires a perfectly groomed body from a singer! In addition, the aesthetics of a bare dress also requires a perfectly and freshly shaved armpit, even if we ignore such a stylistic nuance that an evening dress with open shoulders requires wearing shoes with a closed toe. I would really recommend a singer who claims to be on stage for taxpayers’ money to be more self-critical, more frequent and critical to look in the mirror.

In general, Anta Stafecka’s rather self-employed approach at the award ceremony of the “Musical Bank 2014” reminded me of the timing of the TV show “Okarta skatuve”. But where has the work and self-growth left over these years?

Unfortunately, it must be concluded that a lot can be achieved in our country with shamelessness! ”