Andris Berzins

Andris Bērziņš also claims that you pushed his girlfriend Ines Gūtmanis into the Mārupe Culture House. That’s not all: you beat her.

– This is not the only statement. My friends bought a ticket to Andris’ concert. I also took my godson with me: maybe he could get in without a ticket and look at his godfather, we were accepted. Inese came out. And I asked her, “Could you please bring me in …” She started shouting at me, saying, Andris will have a heart attack when he sees him, he asked to call the police! Now I’m sorry I had to call. People were already coming into the lobby, but I felt sloppy in the cold shower. I realized I had to go inside the hall so that it wouldn’t continue, she grabbed me by the hand and I got rid of her. Later, Inese claimed that I had pushed and beat her. But there were so many people around who saw it actually happen! How can it lie? According to many, this woman mixes up everywhere – in organizing events, also in the art process.