German Aviation

Investigators have not found a suicide letter at Andreas Lubica’s residence. The prosecutor’s office also emphasizes that there is no evidence that his decision to crash the plane into the mountain, killing himself and the other 149 people on board, was motivated by any political or religious motive.

Meanwhile, the German Aviation Association announced on Friday that it had agreed to introduce a rule that at least two crew members must always be on the flight deck. The crashed plane belonged to Germanwings, whose parent company is Lufthansa, a German airline. Prior to that, several European airlines had already announced that they would implement the relevant rules without delay.

It is reported that the European Aviation Safety Agency has also started discussions with the aviation industry and the Member States of the European Union on the mandatory presence of two flight crew members on the flight deck. But Mina Andrejeva, a spokeswoman for the European Commission, said on Friday that the results of the investigation were awaited and that “security rules would be reviewed if necessary”.

“As long as the investigation continues, we will not draw any conclusions, because there are no conclusions. Therefore, if there is a need to change our rules, we will deal with it, that there will be concrete conclusions of the investigation, “said the representative of the commission.

Three days after the disaster, searches continue in the Alps to find the remains of the dead, a second black box to record flight data and to collect debris. The accident took place in a remote place, with relatives of the victims arriving in a nearby village. Investigators collect DNA samples to identify victims.