Handle Technology

However, to know how to handle technology, it is a familiarity and a new approach, so even Santa Claus should not be immersed in the past. Let’s remember that once a miracle was artificial ice, now we are used to sports halls and activities on ice not only in winter, but also in summer, just as the miracle is no longer artificially blown snow on ski slopes.

As Santa Claus Ainars, with more than 30 years of experience and progress in this profession, admits, the world is changing and evolving no longer over decades, but over months. See how children’s demands have changed – until recently Batman, Angry Bird, Barbie were popular, now something completely different is on the top. Mobile devices, their designs and functions have also changed. If 20 years ago the computer took up half a table, now the laptop folds and puts in a portfolio, and just like with a tablet, we can work even in public transport, if it is connected to the mobile Internet network.

All that remains is to add google glass glasses, but it is probably still an object of further research for Santa Claus