True Story

It was this time too. Can we meet tomorrow, tomorrow, close? – this was just the beginning of Einar’s repertoire.

She did not stay with Einar during the night, then the whole circus took the schoolgirl home. Einar went to spend, up to the door of the apartment, then did not go away, stood at the bottom for five minutes and sent text messages. Only when you finally noticed the silhouette through the window, did you make peace once … ”

Yes, of course, a slightly curious story that does not really fit the image of the head of government and the defender of all noble values. There is also an undoubtedly true story – the authors of this book, despite the narrator’s veiled hints, have managed to find not only eyewitnesses of what happened, but also the schoolgirl of the time, who does not want to remember the old events, much less to speak publicly about them. What to do – it’s with the right girls.