External Impression

The family actually started with our child, Mary. But what did he mean to me? … I liked that he was rebellious and extraordinary. Hardworking in his profession. But I also saw the meaningless sides of his character. Remember, Daile had such a show The Last Barrier. He played a murderer there. When I first saw him on stage in this role, I was shocked. Then I realized: it’s in him. Aggression, intolerance. But it seemed to me that I was safe with him: he would be able to defend me. Andrew could live together on a lonely island: he is a survivor. I seem to be the other way around … Although my weakness is more of an external impression, I am actually winter hardy, I was very energetic and rebellious when I was young. Very early in politics. My father was a member of the Communist Party. It can be said – even sure. Mom, no. My father wanted me to pursue a political career. (He was a member of the Journalists ‘Union, my mother a Writers’ Union.) We once lived in Latgale. His father’s first wife was the secretary of the kolkhoz party committee and did not allow him to divorce. My mother suffered from my father’s first wife, who sent all sorts of letters in a circle … Almost like a curse to our family. But about their career … I didn’t even enter the People’s Front: I saw theater partisans running into the People’s Front. With that, all my will was taken away from me.