General Strengthening

Their products are recommended as general strengthening agents for strengthening bones and tendons, sexual activity
(they have a particularly positive effect in
cases of erectile dysfunction and dysfunction).
Using the verses eliminates fear and insecurity, negative emotions, improves mood
and general well-being, reveals vigor and optimism, increases and restores
physical and mental performance in cases of asthenia and fatigue.
The articles promote rapid recovery from diseases, injuries and surgery,
accelerate the healing of injuries, bone healing, strengthen immunity, reduce the
risk of oncological diseases, regulate
blood sugar and cholesterol levels , enrich the body with iodine and calcium.
Such effects are related to the biologically active substances contained in the articles. Reindeer
horns contain 90 biologically active substances, protein compounds, energetics in a
pure, natural form, which are necessary not only for the treatment of various diseases, but also as a
prophylactic, tonic agent for practically healthy people.