Fish Species

How is caviar prepared?
The eggs of each individual fish species are processed and packaged separately. An important component in the caviar processing process is salt . First, the brine is boiled, cooled to a certain temperature and then the caviar is kept in it for a while. The brine is then drained. Salt also partially acts as a preservative, howeverproducers also add other preservatives to caviar – sorbic acid, urotropin . To prevent the eggs from sticking together, add a little vegetable oil . Glycerin is also used to prevent it from drying out, and chitosin is sometimes added, a product derived from crustacean shells that helps to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Bulk caviar, which can be bought in the market or in shops, also contains preservatives. When buying weighed eggs, it is especially important to find out the expiration date. If the seller cannot provide reliable information, it is better to refrain from the purchase.