Tack Chill

Flew to tack chill to 240km / h

Suddenly, neither of which appear in the Road Police, stops and says: – “You are the crazy ride it? Davai dock”
– do not give, they gave me false.
Ment was angry: – “Yes, get out of the car!”
– I will not go, I have pockets full of cocaine, if I suddenly spill!
Ment in the final misunderstanding: – “Open the trunk!”
– I will not open it, I have been throwing a corpse for a week, it is stinking.
Ments called the “OMEGA” special unit, pulled me out of the car, put my hands on the hood, visited: sticks in order, no drugs, trunk empty.
One of the members of the special unit asks the man: “What are you talking about? What drugs, what corpses?”