Moral Compensation

In 2010, she also sold my equipment. In 2011, nothing like that happened. In 2012, we started dealing with the payment of moral compensation. I told her I needed it first. From the beginning I thought to cut down the forest, I had a well-known company that I had worked with. But she wrote to me that no one wants to pay anything for the forest. Then I proposed to sell one property with an uncut forest for about 100 thousand, then it will be possible to pay both the farm bills and moral compensation, and she will be able to receive her 20%. She agreed on the phone call, promised to put in an advertisement. She also put it in an advertisement to deceive me, but at the same time, without my knowledge, she took out the felling certificates in the forestry so that 15 hectares of land could be cut down. Everything that could be sawed. The felling certificates contained 1,700 cubic meters. She wanted to do it without my knowledge.