On his birthday on December 1,… he said on his birthday that he had bought his “graveyard” with his own money, that I was a villain. It is said that I had stolen 8000 lats from the gift fund of the Chancellery of the President and taken the money out, and that when I returned the money to them, I said that it was not, and threatened that if I did not rest, all the accounting would be published. I have held the position of Deputy Head of the Office of the President, which I can only decipher.

I couldn’t understand what I had to do with the graveyard and why exactly 8000 Ls. Now I understand that… had paid 8000 Ls for the granite tombstone. I called… and said that it should not be done, because there will be big problems, but I will not be to blame. … I was also called about the so-called … cemetery when it got to the press and said that I wouldn’t go to it anymore…, because that time was over, but I hadn’t done anything anymore, but everyone thought so.