Loud Shout

Vana’s death date: Date 8 … That’s what the police don’t want to say! T.i. he wandered, wandering for a long time while there were forces.

There was a strong thunderstorm on the day of his disappearance, and apparently he was scared really screaming, having children, they can imagine how a screaming five-year-old child if he is left in the woods during a thunderstorm. They cried as much as they could … Maybe someone even heard in Dubeņi, but due to the constant noise from the animal farm and thunder, they didn’t call where they needed to, or didn’t epay attntion. Screaming while the voice could and did not sit down (or as it is medically correct, it does not matter, because it is that after a loud shout, a person can not talk for several days to a week and just whisper).