Article Production

Article production is recommended by:

1. Entrepreneurs, merchants, salesmen, doctors, teachers, cashiers,
managers, etc. – for all those whose activities involve constant attention
and high emotional load.

2. For people during periods of intense intellectual workload – engineers, accountants,
students during sessions, senior students before exams,

3. Athletes. Especially recommended for those who specialize in speed and strength
related sports.

4. Those who suffer from sex neuroses (unstable, erratic sexual

5. People with memory and attention disorders, other intellectual disabilities, the
operation of which is affected by cerebrovascular diseases
and experienced brain injuries.

6. Women who take care of their appearance and want to
improve both their physical and mental well-being without surgery or chemical intervention. Not
only the skin structure improves , but also the overall appearance.

7. People with chronic diseases (hepatitis, arthritis, chronic obstructive
bronchitis, chronic heart failure, etc.)

8. People affected by age changes and who need a
versatile tonic effect.