No Penalties

No penalties and lawsuits followed the promised severe penalties. Just a little trouble: a reprimand from the Riga School Board to the gymnasium director Māris Sikas. And also this: not for filming and photographing erotic scenes in the school pool, but for renting the premises without a lease agreement. The harsh bosses also issued an order to the school principal, who in turn rebuked his deputy, sports teacher Peter Naglis. He was the holder of the pool keys. Sports teacher Naglis is the brother of Jānis Naglis, an entrepreneur, then the head of the Privatization Agency.

It was alleged that some 17-year-olds also took part in the story, but this was not later confirmed, and all the nobles “sleep” on an official western porn site, but they are often controlled by morality, as always by checking whether the models had 18 years.

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