Kaspars Dimiters

“On November 6, 2014, shortly after the elections, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia E.Rinkēvičs announced his homosexual orientation, becoming a real NATIONAL GAY. on November 17. With some visual changes to the published “by the fresh”.

PSERinkēvičš is the real liar and his constituents krāpējs. If for his perverse sexuality he would pavēstījis before the election, the parliament and the Minister of the chair, he would never have returned.
– – –
Post-election dedication Rinkēvičs


when a million head of live TV boxes
Everything strength not dwell in the chest but ieritinās tails
horde waiting for the best of good millionaires
and such will all apmuļķoties wars

oi hate a lot – or five thousand rounds
and in different colors – blue-green brown pink
is the horde as the butt of a million exhausts
that fart on his own, and four times the four winds