Sandis Ozolins

Several years ago, Sandis Ozoliņš divorced a 15-year marriage with his adult son Christopher and Robert’s mother Sandra Ozoliņš. Later, the hockey player developed a serious relationship with Lieckalniņš. Both experienced both beautiful moments and a crisis of relations. For a while, Sandis and Anna divorced, and the hockey player even went out with the attractive TV3 news manager Agnese Vārpiņš, attending the music festival Positivus. But this relationship quickly ended. Anna and Sanda’s love turned out to be stronger, so the couple re-established their relationship and did not even shy away from even talking about a possible wedding. Fate had decided otherwise, and the marriage did not take place, because at the end of last year the two divorced. One of Latvia’s most coveted men – Sandis Ozoliņš – is still in search of the right woman.