Original Song

This was followed by work on the recording of the first official Christian original song. Just on her recent birthday at the end of March, she received a song from the studio and it became a very important event for her. The song is in Latvian and talks about a very important topic, about forgiveness.

Here is what the singer herself says about it: “Until a person has forgiven someone to be forgiven, no matter how old events, very often even exclusion and other childhood abuses, his heart is hardened and full of love cannot live in it. They are like shackles that bind people together. Forgive is important to you. May God repay who and what he needs, but it is our duty to take care of ourselves and forgive. You can then talk about the things that follow. And so will my future songs. My favorite book is the Bible – it has more instructions for business people than any other book, as well as more practical and important knowledge of philosophy, political science, literature and history, and many other topics, and more. ”