Medical Treatment

There are also prescriptions for prescription drugs that were not used. The German press reports that Lubic suffered from major depression.

Prosecutors in Düsseldorf said they had found “medical records showing illness and medical treatment“. Prosecutors say it “confirms the suspicion” that Lubics “hid his illness from his employer and colleagues”.

The Bild newspaper explains that his psychological problems had been noticed before – at Lufthansa training camp in Arizona, USA, in 2009 he was declared unfit to fly and was treated for severe depression for a year and a half. The breaking point may have been the recent breakup with his girlfriend.

“People who commit suicide are very tense and determined internally – nothing matters anymore, they are out of everything, there is a certain disconnection from the outside world,” explained psychiatrist David Gurion.

“Some patients describe this feeling as being in a bubble and say that they are watching their actions from the sidelines. If you suffer from severe psychological problems, you are angry and actually insane – nothing can affect you at that moment. You are cut off from the environment and despite any arguments and panic you hear around you, you have already started to act and it happens automatically, ”explained the psychiatrist.