Men’s Logic

I say unto him, Hear ye this more: and he will tell you more.

Men’s logic: I love one, I want another, I sleep with others. And they say that women are illogical.

Daughter: Mom, I’m pregnant!

Mother: Daughter, didn’t I teach you? When a man touches your breasts, say-DO NOT THINK if someone jumps at your crotch, then say-STOP !!!

Daughter: But, Mom, he touched everything at once and I didn’t know what to do, I kept shouting all the time-I DON’T THINK TO STOP, I DON’T THINK TO STOP!
– Do you like water?
– Yes.
– Super! So 70% of you already like me …

Yesterday, my hopes were completely dashed.
The headline in the newspaper “Village is looking for pedophiles” did not appear in the job advertisement.

I went into the store, the salesman asks: “What does the girl want?” …
“The girl wants a martini, good old and regular sex, but I came for a bun …”

Censorship in Internet comments has led to the opposite effect – people are inventing new derivative derivatives