I turned to the prosecutor’s office. Riga sent to Limbaži, criminal proceedings were initiated for fraud. In September, she testified before the prosecutor’s office, acknowledging that the contract was fictitious in order to avoid bailiffs. The prosecutor’s office did not initiate a criminal case on the grounds that I myself had signed the contract, that she had no fraudulent intentions.

After that, I realized that I needed to sue because no criminal case was being brought. Claims for recovery of all losses, both machinery and logging, division of property. In February 2013, I submitted a claim to the Vidzeme Suburb Court for recovery of a loss in the amount of 83 thousand lats. Please also place a claim security. She had a house on Ausmas Street in Riga without a mortgage. However, as I filed my claim, she entered into a retroactive gift agreement that she had already donated all her property to her mother in September 2012, so she does not own anything. The claim was rejected by the court.