Subjective Perception

There is no nightmare about the dog not smelling from 300m. In the wind, a dog’s nose is able to smell for miles, not to mention a few hundred meters!
Mudding of old ones is not a fact! My dog doesn’t bite, is raised, etc. is their subjective perception. The father’s mother’s statement that the mother does not drink is also her subjective perception – for one alcoholic is the one who drinks every day, in another perception the chronic alcoholic is already the one who drinks one beer on weekends or pay days. The author is so naive that he expected one grandmother to say that dogs are being eaten (for an early retiree to keep and feed two large dogs in the countryside if they are friendly to strangers and are locked in an aviary at night? Did the author see that “aviary”? check – are the dogs open or turned on? maybe the old woman gave a training lesson?), but the other will say that the former weasel has a mild behavior ?!