Marija Naumova

Latvia also did not qualify for the final in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

The final from the first semi-final enters:

Montenegro, Hungary, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, San Marino, Ukraine, Sweden, the Netherlands and Iceland.

As always, the big five participate in the finals automatically, as they pay an annual participation fee: the United Kingdom (Great Britain), Spain, Germany, France, Italy and last year’s winner, Denmark.

For the sixth year in a row, the Latvian delegation has a particularly difficult time in the Eurovision Song Contest. We are not even in the final. What will we vote on next?

Latvia was once considered the Eurovision superpower, because in 2002 the singer Marija Naumova performed an unforgettable show, choreography and performance directing in Tallinn.

Marija Naumova. 2002 Estonia. Tallinn. Head of the Latvian Delegation Arvīds Babris